Holy Essences : Champaca

Khrishna and Radha's favorite garland flower, Champaca, is a symbol of Eternal Love and Bliss.

Khrishna and Radha's favorite garland flower, Champaca, is a symbol of Eternal Love and Bliss.

Champaca is the much loved garland flower

of Krishna and Radha.

 Article by Cynthia Olivera de Kapp

Champaca Speaks

“I am the heavenly fragrance that intoxicates your senses.

I intoxicate you with LOVE.

The love that you are–the love that is all around you.”

“My deepest desire is that You

Seek this Love, this Bliss,

This Eternal Self
That brings celestial peace

And deep understanding.

Leading you to who you are

The Truth of Yourself.

Surrender to my scent and let it pierce your heart.

Shattering and releasing the knot of unhappiness…

Creating unbounded Joy.

Inhale often and deeply and

I will put a smile in your heart,

And in your soul.

I teach the way of LOVE long forgotten.”


 champaca flower_crop

Champaca Flower—Michela Alba comes from the Magnoliaceae family. She grows in India and Southeast Asia.  The Champaca tree is a very thick round tree and blooms flowers from spring to fall. 

Indians refer to this tree as Golden Champaca, ‘the incarnation of the Goddess of Wealth.’

I chose to write about Champaca as she is the perfect scent to bring you into your summertime bliss.   With all the traumas that the world is experiencing, we need to lift our vibration and visit our euphoric soul space, so that we can remain in balance with our hearts and our emotions.  Oftentimes, these shifting times create a disconnection from our hearts and our joys.  This beautiful enchanting essence has the ability to bring us back home to our hearts and our connection to All.

The scent of the Champaca flower is not only intoxicating for people, but for the bugs as well.  It is said that many bugs strive to get the sweet nectar at the center of the blossom.  Champaca is a multi-dimensional flower, and blooms in yellow, orange and white.  It forms into clusters that look like stars.  At a close examination, the flower gives us information about its properties.

What might a multi-dimensional white starflower with an intoxicating fragrance have to teach you about yourself?  Try sitting with a bottle of pure unadulterated Champaca essence and breathe it in deeply.  You will find that the fragrance might remind you of the sweetness of life, a starry summer evening or early morning dew.

This is why the Champaca flower was the favorite of Lord Krishna and even today in India, garlands of Champaca adorn His temples.  The five prominent star-like petals are said to signify these qualities:

v Aspiration

v Sincerity

v Devotion

v Surrender

v Faith

Champaca brings us deeply into the dreamtime where we can create our deepest desires.  Here we can use Champaca essences with these qualities to craft out dreams.

What is the Aspiration/Dream/Desire that you would like bring forth in your world?  Is that desire in Sincerity/Truth with your mind and your soul?  Is this something you want to create with all of your heart? Once you have figured that out, the next step would be to Devote/Dedicate yourself to that creation. Find fun and palyful ways a to hold the vision that you wish to manifest. Your devotion to your goal should be a joyful process!  Finally, one needs to Surrender or detach from anything that is not in keeping with what you wish to create.  Surrendering the process to Spirit/God/Goddess/Universe keeping the absolute Faith that it will come to pass.  This is the gift of Lord Krishna’s garland of flowers.

Additional gifts of this magical essence include:

v Connecting you to the Divine Mother Goddess.

v Opening the heart to an influx of Divine energy and information.

v Assisting in in psychic development.

v An aphrodisiac—on all levels.  Opens the doorway to your sacred sexuality.

v Apply on sacrum to assist in opening the second chakra.

v Apply on your Third Eye for wisdom and insight.

v Reminding you to stay in love.

v A peaceful cloak in troubled times.

v Joyful.

v Absolutely transformative!


v Diuretic

v Works with gout.

v Reduces fevers.

v Helps some skin issues

v Heals cracks on feet.

v Respiration

v Rheumatism

In closing, I invite you to journey with this magnificent diva.  Let her journey with you for an ultimate summer experience.  I am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Until next time…

From deep within the Plant and Tree Kingdom,

I wish you Love.

~ Cynthia



Curandera, Cynthia Olivera de Kapp is the Educational Director of Wisdom of the Earth. Wisdom of the Earth has top quality essences from all over the world, many of which are sold at their boutique store in Page Springs, AZ.  Connect with them at:  928-649-9968, or online at: www.wisdomoftheearth.com.


Medicinal Aromatherapist and healer, Cynthia Olivera de Kapp, has indigenous roots in the Caribbean and Corsica- rich in curandera traditions. Her personal mastery and teaching work in the healing medicines of the Mother Earth, make her the perfect choice for this new section in Next In The West magazine.  Cynthia is a Master Aromatherapist and Educational Director for Wisdom of the Earth Essential Essences in Page Springs, Arizona, where she teaches advanced Aromatherapy certification courses with her husband Barry Kapp, the founder of WOTE.  She has been teaching women to dance their prayers, heal their sexual issues and meditate with the Earth and work with ‘essences’ as their allies.