La Curendara

 “Purge me with Hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.”  -Psalms 51:7

LA CURANDERAContact by Mara Friedman



Hyssopus officinalis, (Lamiaceae) commonly referred to as Hyssop, is a member of the mint family and is native to Southern Europe. Hyssop is a beautiful perennial, with delicate purplish-blue flowers.

The Greek name “hyssopus”, is derived from the Hebrew word “ezob’: or holy herb. It has been used for cleansing lepers and purifying temples. Hyssop is considered to be a biblical plant in connection with cleansing and purifying the body.

I write about Hyssop today because of her ancient roots and her incredible ability to heal.  She is an aura-protector, and she purifies the body, the mind, and the soul like nothing else.  In this time of turbulent waters, I am grateful to have the presence of Hyssop and all these majestic silent teachers in my life.


Hyssop is…

v  Anti-asthmatic

v  Anti-infectious

v  Anti-inflammatory

v  Antioxidant

v  Anti-parasitic

v  Antiseptic

v  Antibacterial

v  Anti-spasmodic

v  Antiviral

v  Astringent

v  Decongestant

v  Mucolytic

v  Blood regulator

v  Entity removal

Don’t regret what’s happened.  

If it’s in the past, let it go. 

Don’t even remember it.” 

– Coleman Barks, The Essential Rumi


Hyssop Speaks…

“My ancient lineage goes back before the Sumerian culture.  I was brought here from a distant galaxy by a civilization that no longer exists on Earth.  My powers are beyond human comprehension.


I travel with the purple ray characterized by the beautiful light-purple color of my flowering top.  The purple ray represents transformation,

transfiguration, purity, and forgiveness, which are some of my qualities.  I have the ability to purify, transmute and clear the deepest blockages from your cells. 


I can enter into your body through your heart, blood and your cells, as well as your auric field.  I travel to the core of your being and connect you to the stars, helping you lift the veil of separation.  

The Power of Hyssop

I often use Hyssop with my clients.  I find that putting 10 drops on the abdomen before beginning a consultation will bring the person to their authentic truth in just a few minutes.  The process of self-reflection, release, and forgiveness happens easily and we can get to the root of the lesson with calm presence of mind and heart.  I believe that Hyssop is the plant manifestation of the Violet Flame.  It clears and transmutes, allowing humans to transform their stories.

At another time, while doing energy work on a client, I noticed that they had several entities hanging out in their auras.  There were some gooey substances that they were blocking from the clearing. Hyssop is known for entity removal, so I put several drops in my hand and within minutes, without struggle, the hitchhikers left without any complaints!

Barry, my husband, and I were traveling throughout the East Coast leading meditations and teaching about Aromatherapy.  Using essences before meditation always helps people when trying to connect to their heart, soul, and to the Earth. This day, I put about 10 drops of Hyssop on the hearts of the attendees and everyone had a deep profound experience.  The participants were so moved by the messages they received about several issues in their lives. One of the participants was late leaving for a doctor’s appointment. Even though she was rushing and stressed to get to her appointment in time, the doctor asked her what had she had done differently because her blood pressure was the lowest he had ever seen for her.  At first, she had no idea what she had done differently, but then she remembered the Hyssop.  He told her to continue using this supportive essence.

Hyssop is amazing for balancing your blood pressure as well as purifying the blood.  Needless to say, she was thrilled to have an ally for her blood pressure, as she had tried everything she could to lower it.


During this flu season, I thankfully stayed healthy, but when the allergy season began, I got this terrible persistent cough that did not want to leave my body.  I used the Hyssop with Eucalyptus Dives, and I could feel them move deeply into my lungs.  I felt as if I was wrapped in a loving blanket of protection and the coughing stopped immediately.  This layered combination helped me tremendously to get over this cough and within three days, the cough was gone.  Many of her actions support us during bouts with the common cold, as well as helping our bodies reduce fever.

As an Aromatherapist, I know the strength and value of the essences, but I always love when they amaze me with a healing or clearing.  I feel that Hyssop is so important to use at this time with all the respiratory ailments that people are experiencing.  As we are bombarded with poor air quality, radiation, GMO’s and all the ills of our society, having Hyssop as a tool for healthy survival, forgiveness, and transmutation is of the upmost importance.

Hyssop also assists in moving grief through and out of the body.  I noticed that there were still stories that I had not forgiven.  I had been holding stories of long-forgotten memories in my lungs. I felt the energy of the plant assist in releasing these patterns of grief within me.

HYSSOP works with and on the Central Nervous System.  This is an excellent essence to use when dealing with brain injuries.  She crosses the blood-brain barrier because she contains sesquiterpenes.

Hyssop has been used in the treatment of HIV and Herpes 1, 2.  Hyssop is known as the great cleanser…the purifier.  She is an excellent remedy to ward off infection and enhances our immune system.


In order to get a certification as an Aromatherapist from “Wisdom of the Earth”, we require that our students investigate and write a paper about an essence/essential oil of their choice.  I have many papers about the ability of Hyssop to bring the students to their deepest truth.  Some of these truths they were suppressing not wanting to look at them.  She is known to address the emotional and spiritual dis-eases of failure, forgiveness, and the processing of emotions. Hyssop allowed them to observe these issues with courage and ease in order to release them.

A student writes, She (Hyssop) forgives and heals. And perhaps this accounts for her ability to survive the centuries. How can anything/anyone survive the ages if they insist on carrying around the anger and bitterness of unresolved, unforgiving feelings? She has no baggage. She is free. She can heal without hesitation. She allows us, without baggage,  to love without judgment.  And, she has survived.”



Cynthia Olivera de Kapp is is a Master Aromatherapist, and is the Educational Director
for “Wisdom of the Earth” essential essences in Page Springs, Arizona,
where she teaches advanced aromatherapy workshops with her husband,
Barry Kapp, the founder of  WOTE.



She welcomes your questions, please contact her at: or visit her website at:






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