Arts & Entertainment Review: Radiance Mixes: Tibetan Bowls & Deva Premal



Radiance Mixes

Tibetan Bowls with

the Mantras of Deva Premal

by RadianceMatrix (Paul Temple)

(Prabhu Music, 2017) Album

Review by Lane Badger, Dir. Cities of Light Media



It’s hard to imagine anything purer and more beautiful than the voice of Deva Premal…Yet together with the transcendental artistry of Tibetan bowl master, Paul Temple, the newly released Radiance Matrix album creates an astonishing synergy. If it’s possible to enhance music in a seamless digital mix, the bounty of positive effects in Radiance Mixes sets a higher plane for others to follow. I felt like I was floating in a cloud across vast regions of space, elongated, and suspended in the heart of each note. Without edges, the notes lingered into the finest filaments of sound until traces melted into more refined strata. I will leave it to others to discuss the virtues of this music and its effects on the neural cortex and the brain’s alpha and delta states. I absorbed this music through direct vibrational osmosis.


If this is a taste of the future of music in full flight as a living force, an animus, an etheric burst of radiance, then Radiance Mixes gives the listener a very good experience of what is to come. The incredibly vibrant movement of sound healing, lead by virtuoso men like Paul Temple, is creating a new potency in work, art, and a passion for excellence. And we, the listener, are ready for the future-now. “Sonic medicine,” a term coined by Paul Temple, will bring great healing to world–well beyond the seven senses into the twelve and higher!

The field of Archaeoacoustics is finding that our starseed ancestors tuned dozens of megalithic sites around the world to 110 Hertz. Imagine that the architecture of the ancient world: pyramids, temples, sanctuaries, great halls and holy places were built to emphasize that frequency. Why? The power of perfected sound resonance retunes the brain and the heart to higher realms of being and to the celestial spheres. Our human ‘temple’ bodies are perfect instruments too for those refined planes.

When I asked Paul about the Tibetan chanting on two of my favorite songs, he had this to say: “There are two sets of throat singing on the Radiance Mixes album:  on OM MANI PADME HUM (last track), the Drikung Kagyu Tibetan Monks are chanting, Deva Premal singing, David Darling playing cello and I play Tibetan bowls. On GURU RINPOCHE MANTRA (track 5) that is actually me doing the Tibetan Throat singing. I took Tibetan Buddhist refuge vows many years ago with Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo and later learned the throat singing from Jonathan Goldman. I have been doing that invocation of Padma Sambhava (also known as Guru Rinpoche) for many years.  The Tibetan throat singing is always part of the concerts with the bowls —it is quite a transporting combination.” – Paul Temple

So if you like Tibetan healing bowls, flutes, and mantras, Radiance Mixes is a must-have album in your collection. You can find RADIANCE MIXES, featuring the voice of DEVA PREMAL with Tibetan Bowls, on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Sound Cloud. More information is available on the Music & Video page of Paul Temple at:  To receive a free track download click here: Free Track Download.  To order a CD email: