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Arts & Entertainment Review: Radiance Mixes: Tibetan Bowls & Deva Premal

Arts & Entertainment Review: Radiance Mixes: Tibetan Bowls & Deva Premal

Radiance Mixes Tibetan Bowls with the Mantras of Deva Premal by RadianceMatrix (Paul Temple) (Prabhu Music, 2017) Album Review by Lane Badger, Dir. Cities of Light Media I   It’s hard to imagine anything purer and more beautiful than the voice of Deva Premal…Yet together with the transcendental artistry of Tibetan bowl master, Paul Temple,


Film Review: Collateral Beauty

Cities of Light Media Film Review By Lane Badger Collateral Beauty Director: David Frankel Screenplay: Allan Loeb Production companies: New Line Cinema, Producers: Allan Loeb, Kevin Scott Frakes, Michael Sugar, Anthony Bregman, Bard Dorros 94 min.   “When a successful New York advertising executive suffers a great tragedy he retreats from life. While his concerned

Sedona City Council Disappoints: Smart Meter Meeting

Sedona Watch Dog The crowd was overflowing into the lobby, blocking access to other county departments due to its sheer numbers and latecomers were content with standing outside the building at the chance of witnessing an act of bravery on behalf of our city representatives – to vote for a citywide ban on smart meters.