The Quivering


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The Quivering

 The Texture of the Threshold Experience

by Heidi Rose Robbins                             

If we but make friends

with the quivering,

the subtle and not so subtle

shaking of the body

and all its parts,

letting go

                         of what we’ve held onto

                         long enough,


If we but soften our grasp

on who we have always been,

to make room for

what can be

knowing not

what may appear,

knowing only

the quivering,


(And I ask,

Is not some part of us

always dying?)


(And I ask,

Are we not everyday

in some small way



Then, just as the

wild animal shakes

off the fear of attack,

we too can shake

off the fears that

want to eat us whole.


We can walk

barefoot in the woods

with a quiver of arrows,

cautious of what

still wants to ensnare us,

but alive with the

light emanating

from our newly

trodden path.


Are we not path makers?

So we are.

Are we not path finders?

So we are.


Do arrows not quiver

before they are loosed into the world?

Then so must we.


we are archer and arrow

at once

sprung into the wind

carried swiftly,



to our



pierced and present.



Heidi Rose Robbins

The Quivering; The Texture of the Threshold Experience

Join Heidi explores the delicate and potent territory we cyclically experience as we grow into greater, more conscious expressions of ourselves. There is always a quivering as we step over a threshold to greater light and understanding. We are, for an instant, equally pulled by the past and beckoned by what’s to come. Through poetry and story, we will explore the beauty of standing in the unknown and choosing to move always towards a vaster light.




HEIDI ROSE ROBBINS is a poet, speaker and astrologer and one of the founders of the Hello Love Experiment, a radical, joyous practice about greeting others with love. She regularly offers Radiant Life Retreats in Ojai, California, where she teaches groups of women to live more full, passionate and expressive lives. She lives in Southern California with her husband Andrew Heffernan and their two children, Kate and Dylan. Contact: