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Arts & Entertainment Review: Radiance Mixes: Tibetan Bowls & Deva Premal

Arts & Entertainment Review: Radiance Mixes: Tibetan Bowls & Deva Premal

Radiance Mixes Tibetan Bowls with the Mantras of Deva Premal by RadianceMatrix (Paul Temple) (Prabhu Music, 2017) Album Review by Lane Badger, Dir. Cities of Light Media I   It’s hard to imagine anything purer and more beautiful than the voice of Deva Premal…Yet together with the transcendental artistry of Tibetan bowl master, Paul Temple,


Film Review: Collateral Beauty

Cities of Light Media Film Review By Lane Badger Collateral Beauty Director: David Frankel Screenplay: Allan Loeb Production companies: New Line Cinema, Producers: Allan Loeb, Kevin Scott Frakes, Michael Sugar, Anthony Bregman, Bard Dorros 94 min.   “When a successful New York advertising executive suffers a great tragedy he retreats from life. While his concerned

Starry Nights

    By Michelle Proctor Forecast July/August 2017     It’s July – the astrological light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel month! The stresses of the Grand Cross alignment are fading, and wave after wave of fresh energy is coming in. First up, Mercury shifts Direct on 2 July. It’s always a relief to have Mercury heading the right way, as communication on

The World Mother

The World Mother:  Teachings of Helena Roerich and Geoffrey Hodson   By John Nash                                                                                     

The Quivering

  Duane Carpenter:     The Quivering  The Texture of the Threshold Experience by Heidi Rose Robbins                              If we but make friends with the quivering, the subtle and not so subtle shaking of the body and all its parts, letting

The Journey

  The time that my journey takes is long           and the way of it long. I came out on the chariot of the first gleam of light, and pursued my voyage through the wildernesses of worlds leaving my track on many a star and planet.   It is the most distant

Artwork by Nicholas Roerich


Artwork by Nicholas Roerich                         Infinity Excerpted from Heart by Helena Roerich    Verse, 144.     When you become conscious of Infinity, then you must also become accustomed to its properties. Inexhaustibility is the very first property, which will make every courageous heart happy.

Khrishna and Radha's favorite garland flower, Champaca, is a symbol of Eternal Love and Bliss.

Holy Essences : Champaca

Champaca is the much loved garland flower of Krishna and Radha.  Article by Cynthia Olivera de Kapp Champaca Speaks “I am the heavenly fragrance that intoxicates your senses. I intoxicate you with LOVE. The love that you are–the love that is all around you.” “My deepest desire is that You Seek this Love, this Bliss,

Gnosis of the Heart

The Gnosis of the Heart

THE GNOSIS OF THE HEART Although ultimately in pursuit of the same goal as the old Oriental method, Jesus’ new Way bypassed the lower energy centers and directly awakened ‘exousia’ in the Christ center within the region of the heart, leaving to its royal discretion all further stages in the initiatory process. Excerpt from The