How to Submit an Event

Welcome to Next in the West Calendar. Submitting an event is very easy.

Before you start you will want to have all your text and information typed up and ready. You will also need to have your images ready for upload.


You can have two images with your Standard Listing, or three with a Featured Listing.

We recommend your main image be the presenter’s portrait or a logo image for the event. A square-ish image is best, and it should be at least 300 pixels wide OR tall. It will be displayed at no more than 300 pixels wide OR tall.

File size is limited to 300 kb. To reduce file size we suggest it be set at 96 or 72 dpi. We suggest using some graphic software to optimize the image for the web.

Your second image, if you have one, is usually the full size flier for the event. It must be no larger than 600 pixels wide and 850 tall. This one really needs to be optimized.

You can easily optimize your images for free at before uploading them with your event submission form.

Please do not rely on your flier image to present the details about the event. They need to be typed up and entered in the Long Description field or they may not be legible.

We will set your main image for the thumbnail of the event and insert the full-sized flier in the listing below the Long Description. All images after the featured one will also be set as thumbnails at the bottom of the post and will enlarge for viewing when clicked.

Edit Listing Page

If you have already submitted your listing and need to make a correction to it, you can do so by logging in to this site and going to your event listing.

The Edit Listing Page is accessed when you click the “Edit” button at the top of your event listing. The Edit button is only visible for listings owned by you, and only when you are logged in.

The content and functionality of this page is essentially the same as the Submit Listing page, but with the data pre-populated by the listing that was selected when the “Edit” button was clicked.

You will follow the same set of steps as Submit Listing. You must click “Continue” to move to the next step of the workflow. Not all steps will be present, depending on administrator settings. The general flow goes like this:

Step 1: You can edit the event details.

Step 2: Manage Images –  upload, delete or change the primary image of the listing on this step.

Step 3: Confirmation – A page will appear confirming that the listing was saved.

NOTE: Editing a listing may cause the listing to return to a state where the administrator may need to re-approve it.